Saturday, October 4, 2014

Harvest Happenings- Fall 2014

Hello, Farm Notes Readers! It’s been a while (like last harvest) since I posted. So sorry. Life has been, well, life: busy, fun, crazy, enjoyable, can name it all with two little people running around. And yes, they are now little people. Gavin and Layla have both grown up so much since last harvest. As I look back at pictures from last year’s Farm Notes, I can’t believe how much they’ve grown. This year’s harvest is well underway, and I wanted to write about some “Farm Notes worthy” happenings.

On September 14th, a few days before the official start to harvest on our farm, our family of four went out to the farm to gather fall decorations for our house. For last year’s pumpkin picking (Farm Notes titled “Pumpkin Picking”), Grant was harvesting and told me over the phone where I could find his friend’s pumpkin patch. Being completely unprepared, I found the field, attempted to pull pumpkins off their prickly stalks, and brought them home for our fall decorations. This year, however, his friend picked some really nice looking pumpkins to share with his friends and placed them in his shed in town. We first stopped at the shed to take our pick, and then headed to the pumpkin patch to see what else he had out there (and because Grant wanted to see what his buddy was up to planting so many pumpkins!). After, we headed to one of our fields to chop down corn stalks. Actually, Grant chopped them down with a big knife, Gavin and Layla attempted to pull the stalks out of the ground, and I took pictures. We now have beautiful straight-from-the-field pumpkins and corn stalks adorning our front steps, and I must say, we are the best “dressed” house in the neighborhood once again this fall.

We’ve taken numerous tractor, combine, and truck rides this harvest, all thanks to my new “life schedule” of being home more often during the day while I pursue my PhD and am on sabbatical from my full-time teaching job. (Oh yeah, that’s also been happening. Most friends and family know this, but if you don’t, now you do!) Gavin absolutely loves riding with Daddy, Papa, Gramps, and/or Uncle Jeff. Grant has even been taking him on Sundays to farm with him all day and do “farm kid” stuff. And when Gavin’s not farming with the guys, he’s farming at home ALL THE TIME in our family room and kitchen. And when he’s not farming at home, he’s drawing pictures of tractors, trucks, and combines while he’s at pre-school. I think we are safe to say that he wants to be a farmer when he grows up.

So if Gavin is farming all the time, what is Layla up to?!?! Miss Layla and I have been getting some quality time doing “Mommy-Layla stuff”. We go to the park and library, take bike rides, run errands, "ride Gators" (small motorized vehicles) at the farm, hang out in the car signing songs and watching movies, take our own tractor and truck rides, etc. One of the last times Gavin was in the truck with Grant, and Layla and I were just hanging out in the car, Grant called us to go get the Polaris from the farm and to drive it down to the middle of the field to meet him and Gavin. Once we met them, Grant took ahold of the steering wheel, drove us further into the field, and we met the combine and tractors. The kids and I jumped into the combine with Papa, while Grant had to do some other stuff in the field. I also got some awesome pictures...
Combine ride with Papa!
Waving to Papa and Gramps from the Polaris
Following Daddy into the corn
Farm Kids- Just hangin' in a field!
Here’s to a safe and enjoyable fall to all my readers...and hopefully, here’s to more Farm Notes this harvest season!

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